Monday, December 11, 2017

Mars: Earth 2.0 - Free from December 11-17

This work is a science fiction short story (7,777 words). It also appears in Mindscapes: Ten Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories (C) 2014 by Victor D. López.

In the year 2020, astronomers discover a previously unknown asteroid that will strike Earth in exactly 666 days. Because of its massive size, it is impossible to deflect or destroy it with the available technology, and it is clear that the impending impact will be an extinction event. While most governments do what they can to ensure the survival of as many people as possible, such efforts are not expected to succeed. Nevertheless, underground bunkers are pressed into service and new ones created around the globe in hope that some remnant of humanity might escape impending doom by burrowing underground with enough supplies to weather the predicted decades-long nuclear winter that will result from an asteroid strike much larger than that which killed off the dinosaurs and paved the way for the eventual birth and ascent of homo sapiens.

The wealthiest, most technologically advanced countries of Earth hedge their bets by mobilizing their available resources to launch a handful of their best and brightest into space, either to a greatly expanded space station or to the Moon in the hopes that small colonies may be established there that would eventually use the Moon's natural resources to be self-sustaining. The U.S. forges a more ambitious plan to send 12 colonists to Mars in less than two years where with existing technology and the cobbling together of a space ship from three mothballed space shuttles, they may have a better chance for long-term survival.

This is the story of Earth's final days, and a testament to humanity's resourcefulness and indomitable nature in the countdown to Armageddon.

Download a copy for yourself or give as a gift with coupon code YN33T at checkout for a limited tome only through December 17. You can click on the book cover above or here to go directly to the book's Smashwords page.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Free to download or to give as a gift with coupon code PG39A through 12/15/2017 -- SF short story "What Price to Live the Dream?"

Of the many crossroads we all face in life, some paths once taken have indelible effects that no amount of regret can ever undo. Words left unsaid, decisions made out of false assumptions, poor judgment or simple fear can with time and the benefit of hindsight become caustic memories that wear away hope and slowly erode our souls. But what if it were within our power to change our subjective past through the use of technology? Would any price be too high for a chance to exchange despair for the possibility of hope? Is it a supreme act of hubris or heroism to turn one's back on life and reality for a second chance?

This short story (9500 words) is one of the eight short stories from Book of Dreams Second Edition: Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories and also appears as one of the short stories in Mindscapes: Ten Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories (C) 2014 by Victor D. López.

You can download the story or give it as a gift without charge by using the coupon code PG39A at checkout. Click on the cover above or click here.

Links to Spanish translations of some sample short works [ Enlaces a traducciones al español de algunos ejemplos de mi ficción corta y poesía]

Heroes Desconocidos -- Parte I y II: Emilio y Remedios

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Cuento de Ciencia Ficcion: Justicia

Cuento de Ciencia Ficcion: El Enigma de la Esfinge: Resuelto

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Get 36% off and free Prime shipping on my Intellectual Property Law: A Practical Guide to Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets at Amazon for a limited time only

For a limited time only, Amazon is offering the paperback version of my Intellectual Property Law: A Practical Guide to Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks general reference book at 36% off the list price of $18.99 ($12.18--the lowest price ever) and free expedited shipping for Amazon Prime members. Through March 2018, the Kindle version of the book is also available free of charge for Kindle Unlimited members (and $8.99 for all others).

You can get an extended free preview of the book by using Amazon's "Look Inside" feature (just click on the book's cover below or on its title above for the book's Amazon page). You can also access a simple book trailer that features my reading an introductory chapter on copyrights by clicking here

Monday, December 4, 2017

"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream . . ." Speculative Fiction short story FREE until December 11 with coupon

There is a common thread in many of my short stories and even in my poetry about the nature of reality, the relationship between sleep and wakefulness, and the conscious and subconscious mind. As is the case with a number of my short stories, this was inspired by a dream. It delves into one possible explanation for what lurks in the dark recesses of the 90 percent of the human brain for which science has yet to discover a clear purpose.

This short story (2,792 words) is reprinted from Book of Dreams: Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories, (C) Victor D. Lopez 2011, Book of Dreams Second Edition: Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories (C) Victor D. Lopez 2012, and Mindscapes: Ten Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories (C) 2014 by Victor D. López. It also appears in the audiobook version of my Mindscapes collection. 

To download the short story in all popular eBook formats free of charge through December 11, 2017, click on the stand-alone short story book cover below or click here.

NOTE: My complete short story collection is available on paperback, audiobook and eBook versions from Amazon, Audible and most book sellers. The short story is also available in various eBook versions, including a Kindle version from Amazon and other book sellers as well. Both are also available to libraries at very low cost. If you like the preview and think you and others may enjoy reading the whole story or short story collection, won't you consider recommending them to your local library? All are available for library purchase, including through OverDrive for libraries that use the popular Live-brary platform.   Free previews of both the print and audiobook versions are available by clicking on the book covers below. 

For more information about most of my published works, you can click on the links below. Thank you!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Free with coupon (November 30 - December 7, 2017) Of Pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems

I am making the electronic versions of my first book of poems free through Smashwords from November 30 through December 7, 2017. If you click on the book cover below, the coupon code will be automatically entered so that the price is FREE during this promotional period. You can download it for yourself and/or send it as a gift to a friend who may enjoy reading it. To give the book as a gift, simply select "give as gift" from the book's page and then enter the coupon code KV32D in the space provided for a coupon code before checking out  and click on "apply code" so that the book's price will be set to $0. The coupon code is inserted automatically for downloads but must be inserted manually for gifts to give a book free of charge.

You can also access some sample poetry readings by me by clicking on the book's cover below and then scrolling down to the "videos" area of the book. You can also click here for additional links to sample poems and readings from this book--including two sample translations into Spanish of portions of my "Unsung Heroes" free verse poem. 

Although this is the most insignificant of all my published works, it is the closest to my heart and will always be so in its current form and in any future edited and expanded editions.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Revised version of my Intellectual Property general reference book

I recently became aware that some of the eBook versions of my Intellectual Property general reference book on Smashwords had glitches that caused some display and table of contents issues. I have resubmitted the file and the new file should fix these issues. Anyone who had purchased a copy of the book from Smashwords can download the updated file in the version of their choice without charge. And everyone else can download a free sample preview of the book by clicking on the book's cover above, then scrolling down to the "download samples" area and selecting the desired eBook version of the book. Sales and sample downloads are not limited to users in the U.S. and are accessible in most countries around the world. Previews are also available through Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.

A revised and expanded second edition is in the planning stages and I hope it will be available in a year or so.